5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 28 2010

Half of the Beckham power couple is moving to Gotham City. Victoria Beckham has had it with LA and is serious enough about "pursuing fashion" to leave hubby and kids in the dust for a while. (Gothamist)
Interns, photographers, designers, and PR folk across the city sat up in a cold sweat today not knowing why. And then, sure enough, the first preliminary NYFW Fall 2011 calendar surfaced. (Fashionista)
The guerrilla crochet artist whose crocheted a bike last spring did something awesome. She crochet-covered the Wall Street Bull (and just in time, before the snow ravaged us all). (Animal New York)
Olivia Palermo is a busy bee, planning the release of her new clothing line during her soon-to-be launched reality show. We'd laugh, but we're numb. (Coco Perez)
It's important to assert that despite the apocalyptic snow and wind, New Yorkers won't really feel alarmed unless delivery guys stop doing rounds. If that happens? We'd rather not imagine. (NY Mag)
Racked NY wants to remind you where you probably shouldn't have shopped this past year, according to their round up of awful store openings in 2010. Included are the OC Concept Store and Dash Soho. (Racked NY)

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