This Retinol Face Oil Is An Anti-Aging Innovation

Photo: Courtesy of Verso
There seems to be an internal dilemma among most of us in our mid-20s to early 30s: How the hell am I supposed to be using anti-aging products when I'm still battling blackheads?  There are too many "wrinkle creams" that combat fine lines only to give way to giant, juicy pimples that come up to say hello at the most inopportune moments. On the flip side, acne products can dry you out, making any teeny creases you have look sadly more pronounced. What's a girl to do?

The most logical answer of the moment seems to be retinol — not to be confused with retinoid, which is quite strong and is typically prescribed by a dermatologist. Retinol is Vitamin A, and it's an ingredient that is oddly effective at both diminishing the signs of aging and clearing up acne and scarring. That's probably what makes it so attractive to beauty brands right now, with everyone from Neutrogena to Philosophy boasting the ingredient. 

That's why Verso, the cult Swedish skincare brand, is so attractively marketed: It's an entire line of retinol products. This is not your average Vitamin A, either: Verso's complex is known as Retinol 8 (patent pending), which apparently is "eight times more effective than standard vitamin A products on the market." If you think that means stinging and irritation, guess again: In a double-blind study conducted by a hospital in Stockholm, the products yielded no side effects, with 100% of participants in the trial group experiencing an overall improvement in their skin, and 82% saying their faces became "more lustrous." 

Now, Verso has released a dry oil, which comes with one case and four separate vials. (This delivery system is designed to protect it from the sunlight, which would compromise the stability of the retinol.) The chic, little case has a magnetic closure — you just pop it off, spray three times onto your fingertips, and smooth the product over your face. Yes, we said spray; if you open up an oil, you're exposing it to oxygen every time. This packaging keeps it intact and concentrated for maximum efficacy.

It's true: You can anti-age, combat acne, and maintain gorgeous, hydrated, supple skin that behaves under makeup. This oil is lightweight, fast-absorbing, and wears well under foundation. The case is also completely travel-safe, looks lovely perched on a dresser, and kind of makes you feel like you're James Bond-ing your beauty routine. 

We highly recommend sleeping in this oil and waking up with a serious glow. You can easily use it every night, but it's wise to start off a couple nights per week, just in case. Exfoliate first for best results. Then, once you fall in love, consider tossing all those other things cluttering your medicine cabinet. Who needs a single-purpose product when you can have it all?

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