A Bottle Of This Cleanser Is Sold Every 10 Seconds

Photo: Via DHC.
You know when you find a product you absolutely can't stop raving about and realize that you haven't been living — you've been merely existing — before it came into your life? These are the feelings I have toward DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil.
Finding out the best way to remove makeup has never been a top priority for me. One, because I rarely wear it. Two, because when I do, I'm usually too lazy to take it off at the end of the night, so most of it tends to migrate onto my pillowcase by morning (don't tell my fellow members of the R29 beauty department). Since I was introduced to the DHC oil, this weird thing happened: I started actually enjoying the makeup-removal process and found myself wearing more of it, if only to have something to look forward to at the end of the day.
The magic is in the formula, which helps the makeup slide right off the face. That's right, the days of vigorous rubbing with wipes are behind you. The key is to apply the product to dry skin (and with dry hands). Thoroughly massage it into your face and watch as your stubborn waterproof mascara melts away right before your eyes. Massage as long as you see fit, and finish up by splashing some water on your face to rinse off the excess.
All the oily-skin peeps out there are probably "nuh uh"-ing like crazy right now. But, as a member of the greasy-face club myself, I promise you this baby won't leave your skin any oilier than it already is. In fact, the cleanser is rich in antioxidants like olive and rosemary oils, and vitamin E, which help fight damage caused by free radicals, while conditioning, nourishing, and toning skin. If you're still shaking your head, you can also wash your face with your regular, everyday cleanser afterward just to be on the safe side (double-cleansing, anyone?).
Don't believe me and my boasting? Look at it this way: According to the brand's website, one bottle of this oil is sold every 10 seconds worldwide (that's 8,640 bad boys a day). Those are some impressive numbers.
Seriously, people, this is what makeup-remover dreams are made of. Try it out for yourself and report back. I'll be sure to have my "I told you so" ready to go.
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $28, available at DHC.

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