Easy & Bold Makeup Looks For Every Personality

Photographed by David Cortes.
Maybe you're considered the quiet one in your group of friends. Maybe you're the drama queen or even the know-it-all. Whatever your descriptor, you've got a distinct personality — and a unique beauty look to match. (We like to think that our inky cat-eye matches our sweet and sassy vibes.) But, just like how personalities can change over time (or overnight), so can your makeup. Hey, if you're all business at work but turn into a raging dance machine on the weekend, we bet you've got the beauty looks to match. That's why we've cooked up five inspiring looks to represent the multifaceted person that you are.    

From a slick, two-toned winged tip that channels your inner artist to a grungy smudged lower lashline, the looks we created with makeup artist Lisa Aharon will seriously inspire you to reconsider your makeup du jour. Don't worry, while they may seem like they're out of your wheelhouse, they're surprisingly easy to DIY with Aharon's pro techniques and a few Rimmel London products.

So, what's it gonna be — your regular routine or a two-toned cat-eye? You choose. 

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