The Illustrator Behind Your Favorite R29 Images

appearance by Vero Romero.
In this year's 29Rooms art show in Brooklyn, we debuted our first "Artist in Residence" exhibit where we brought in 6 artists to practice in the space, in hopes of encouraging patrons to create art of their own. In this video, see how R29 illustrator Vero Romero empowered visitors to paint in her exhibit "Take Up Space."
R29 illustrator Vero Romero didn't consider herself an artist growing up, but that's because she was thinking through a very specific lens. As she's developed her skillsets, however, she's found her voice and aesthetic in a wide variety of mediums, from digital work to painting to jewelry.
For her 29Rooms residency, Romero focused on the physical work of painting. "There's something about being physical that's so satisfying and soothing and can be super cathartic," Romero says.
Watch the video above to see Romero's work in her exhibit "Take Up Space."

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