5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 01 2011

We already know Reece Hudson makes an incredible handbag. Now, there's an explanation—designer Reece Solomon and partner Max Stein's latest project breaks down the how-to process, picture by picture. We think you'll understand the price-tag a little better. (Reece Hudson)
Well, aren't you a dapper don? Take a peek inside the L.E.S. barber shop that serves up retro haircuts that are still modern-day hot. (Racked NY)
Hallelujah, the Barneys Warehouse Sale gets extended with new merch... and further discounts, we can only hope. (The Cut)
What a shame. Venus Williams pulls out of the U.S. Open due to a chronic autoimmune disease. (Fit Perez)
Plans to create a 42,000-square-foot retail block around West 46th street will be keeping us claustrophobic folks away from Times Square. (NY Post)