Venus Is In Cancer So Grab The Tissues & Prepare To Feel Your Feels

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Venus will be roaming the emotional and loving shores of the zodiac sign Cancer from June 17 to July 11. On June 17, Mercury also enters Cancer, making it an intuitive and benevolent moment for us as summer begins. Grab a box of tissues and make a soft mix of songs on Spotify in preparation for 28 days of feeling our feels.
It takes time for Venus in Cancer to trust others but when they do, it’s forever. This Venusian placement focuses on maintaining relationships and will only let go when there is no sentimentality left. Rather than swim away, Venus in Cancer will pinch at situations to prove a point or to draw awareness to a problem. Venus in Cancer will also change its mind with the phases and signs of the moon, try to approach people to make amends or announce feelings when the lunar vibe is chill (usually in the sign of Taurus or Sagittarius) to get a fantastic reaction. 
It's essential to be careful about who you surround yourself with during Venus' crabwalk in Cancer. Our feelings can get hurt easily so we need people who bring out the best in us and support us unconditionally. Since Venus in Cancer is a nurturing and loving astrological combination, it's vital to receive loyalty and affection after giving the same to friends, family and lovers. Venus in Cancer is empathetic, which could lead us to take on the burdens and struggles of those we care about. We’ll cry with others, be selfless, reliable, strong-willed yet gentle and protective. Tending to our own emotional gardens may come second but they should be a priority to ensure we’re not over-pouring and over-giving our emotional and monetary resources to others. Try to set boundaries.
This year, Venus in Cancer is more expressive and less passionate (since Cancer is a water sign, it’s usually pretty quiet, which makes the upcoming weeks rare for this transit). The planet of romance and pleasure is wanting to connect with others profoundly and ensure we give ourselves TLC. This is more of a creative time; we can bring our visions to light by embracing our artistry. The cosmos will urge us to make choices in our lives that will point us in the right direction so it's essential to make these decisions carefully and discuss them with trusted friends before jumping. In true Venus in Cancer form, we should proceed cautiously because we’ll be wearing our hearts on our sleeves. 
If your natal Venus is in Cancer, you’ll be experiencing your yearly Venus return. You might want to set new intentions around love and money for the upcoming year to manifest your desires. The Venus return is also a fantastic moment to check in with yourself and ensure that you're on the right track regarding your feelings and where you are investing your energy. You might find that you want to augment relationships for the better or disconnect from situations that aren't working for you. Regardless, Venus’ return is a beautiful time to embody the energy of the goddess and planet. Do something nice for yourself and implement a fantastic self-care routine.
Important astrological dates
June 17: Venus enters Cancer, bringing us 28 days of tenderness, empathy and connectivity. Our emotions will be sincere and our hearts will be open.
June 17: Venus forms a conjunction to Mercury in Cancer, urging us to speak from the heart and let our innermost feelings be known. 
June 26: Venus squares the Nodes of Destiny, pushing us to make financial and romantic decisions.
June 29: Venus harmonizes with Mars in Taurus, creating a chill and relaxing vibe that will calm the frenetic energy.
July 2: Venus trines Saturn retrograde in Pisces, urging us to commit to one way of thinking, investing and being.
July 8: Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus, exciting our emotions and getting us out of our comfort zones.
July 11: Venus links up with Neptune in Pisces, making us lost in a lavender haze and fantasy. The wake-up call will hit us intensely.

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