This Is The Most Comfortable Non-Jegging Jean

When an established brand introduces denim to its line, let's just say it's a ballsy move. Denim critics (a.k.a. every single one of us) tend to be meticulous in their evaluations — even though, most of the time, they're unsure of what it is they want. So, when hearing that Velvet was branching out into jeans, we needed more than just a lookbook to be convinced. Sure, Victoria's Secret Angel and longtime Velvet model Lily Aldridge wears the collection well — but what doesn't she?
Then, we tested out a pair for ourselves and got the picture. These jeans fit well. Very well. Plus, they're wildly soft without falling into the dark abyss of structureless jeggings. Consisting of three styles — a skinny, a tapered boyfriend, and a tuxedo — the range sticks to basic, timeless washes in blues, blacks, and white. Click through and help us decide which we need before we buy one of each.