Valuable Assets: Judi Rosen Nails Denim Looks for Fall

After a much-bemoaned store closing and scarce availability of styles this summer, we're relieved to discover that Judi Rosen and her genius line of denim is still going strong. Just this week Rosen revealed styles on her website for a covetable fall collection that has all the elements of her classic looks, but with a couple new twists. Different washes, corduroy, and cut-out accents are just some of Rosen's reinventions, but she's also added a "Peg-Leg" super skinny style as well as a "Classic" pocketless pair. If you haven't already discovered Rosen's jeans, they're definitely worth trying on—her cuts and styles are renowned for their magical lifting and shaping abilities. After all, Judi herself attests that wearing her jeans will transform your bottom into a "ripe, juicy peach." Now what could be a better investment piece than that?
Judi Rosen's new fall denim collection is available at,, Catbird, 390 Metropolitan Ave., New York, (718) 388-7688; and Ver Unica 437b Hayes St., San Francisco, (415) 431-0688;
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