5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 29 2010

If you're still on the fence about nail art, check out one of NYC's coolest salons, Valley, for some tight tips. We're talking YSL, Margiela, and Hermès nails! (Elle)
Angelina is pregnant with Johnny Depp's baby! Jennifer Anniston is marring Jonah Hill! Oh tabloids. If you're looking for some accuracy, we suggest The Economist, but if you are dead set on a gossip rag choose Us Weekly—they have the most truthful stories. The worst of the bunch? Surprise, surprise, it's Star. (Gawker)
In just six days, 44 pounds of heroin was smuggled into JFK from Ecuador, mostly in powered milk bags. Perfect for healthy bones! (Gothamist)

Nick Cannon wants $25,000
to pay for his 30th Birthday, in exchange for three tweets. Really? Is he still famous? (New York Post)

Liza Minnelli performed at Rose Bar, and she still looks fierce. Were you expecting anything else? (Huffington Post)