The Best Ways To Stop Your Phone Obsession On Vacation

Illustrated by Natalia Spotts.
Talking to friends, family, and colleagues, there's one vacation problem we all seem to have: our phones. We depend on these little devices for nearly everything and we spend hours a day staring into the small screens. Our smartphone addictions are very real. And for some, it's not just giving up the Candy Crush that's hard — there's a sense of missing out and obligation, particularly tied to work emails.
But your vacation time is your vacation time. You work hard. You've earned it. And your company will be fine if you don't respond to that email or Slack message ASAP. You can help convince yourself of that (or at least remove the temptation) by tweaking a few phone settings and habits before takeoff.
Here, we've outlined six helpful things you can do to make sure you're only using your phone on vacation when you want to. Read on for our advice, and feel free to share your own tips in the comments.

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