5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 19 2011

Photographer Backyard Bill has just started a new monthly series with Park & Bond, where he snaps real guys all over the city in fabulous, completely shopable looks. (Park & Bond)
With this year's record-breaking heat, some New Yorkers decided to get a little creative and turn their city streets into a giant slip 'n slide by using trash bags and fire hydrant water. (Animal New York)
Steven Kolb, the new CEO for the CDFA, was talked into working the runway by none other than Alexander Wang at the very first Fashion's Night Out. (NYC Go)
Times Square's new salad spinner-like "Meeting Bowls" were recently unveiled, a project which hopes to foster spontaneous interaction and conversation. We wonder how long it will take for other unintended spontaneous activity to occur in there. (PSFK)
There's always a lot to be excited about when it comes to New York Fashion Week, but this year one of the most interesting and anticipated events might just be the Advanced Style extravaganza, co-hosted by Tavi Gevinson and Ari Seth Cohen. This salon, gallery, and cross-generational celebration of style is not to be missed. (Advanced Style)