5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Shoulder pain can be an especially tricky thing to treat because your shoulders are such complicated machinery. Here are 10 possible reasons for that pain to help you figure it out. One unfortunately common reason for shoulder pain is weakness in the muscles that surround those intricate bones. So check out this quick yoga workout to build some upper body strength. (Shape) While we're at it, let's use those stretches to get some shut-eye, too. These four poses will help relax your body before bedtime. (mindbodygreen) And the benefits don't stop there. You can try a few of these Kundalini-inspired exercises you can do to improve your sex life. First step: Prep a full 72 hours in advance. (Well + Good) Although our late-night Seamless orders usually just send us to Sleep Coma City, we tend to end up awake and uncomfortable again a few hours later. It turns out that sticking with sushi (instead of going for that burger) might have been a better bet for a good night's sleep.

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