Why You Should Undo That Button On Your Shirt

It was bound to happen. Just when the buttoned-to-the-tippy-top look has become your default anytime something basic needs that little extra bit of intrigue…you’ve grown tired of it. And, it doesn’t even really have to do with the fact that you’re hunting for something newer or fresher; it’s more that your easy go-to isn’t all that easy. When a shirt isn’t perfectly ironed and crisp, the effect can look incredibly sloppy. When a slightly curling collar or a turned-up button-hole can make or break a look, we’d rather not deal in the first place.
If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be happy to hear there’s no reason to pack up those shirts, or even bust out your steamer. Unbutton your blouse as far down as you can comfortably get away with and wear it loose and laid-back. It’s a ‘70s way of styling the shirt that feels especially great for right now. These five women at Fashion Week (a.k.a., the testing ground for new, wearable trends) chose to air things out. Click through to be persuaded to lose a few notches yourself.

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