Pig Out At This Brand-Spankin’-New Umami Eatery (It’s More Than Burgers!)

You know those meals that leave you so satiated, you're bound to have the sweetest dreams when you hit the pillow? Well, Friday we got a sneak-peek at UMAMIcatessen (it's soft open sesame!), and our bellies have never felt more full (we may or may not have had to do some stealth unbuttoning action), and our minds went in to major euphoric-mode.
We're all looped in on Adam Fleischman's "fine dining fast food" joint Umami Burger (mmm) by now, but his fresh historic Downtown digs on Broadway BRINGS it. You'll sit in a massive modern-style dining hall with an Art Deco exterior, surrounded by several stations of savory and sweet, all aimed to please differing parts of your palate.
Of course, the Umami basics (and then some!) are served, but Adam teamed up with a slew of ahead-of-their-games super chefs for a well-rounded, full-on feast. First, there's PIGG by Chris Cosentino, which might make you want to strike Babe and Charlotte's Web from your mind, but offers the most unique portions of pork we've eaten (highly recommended and pictured: Iberico de bellota crudo, better known as "swine sushi"). Next, you'll want to try the resto's exclusive wasabi potato salad, which strikes a match on your tongue (in a good way). Put out the fire with a Spring For Coffee espresso and & A Donut fried goodness. There's mixology galore from the boys of The Back Bar, including our favorite, the Red Sapphire, with Bombay Sapphire gin, St. Vincent Raspberry and Earl Gray tea syrups, maraschino, fresh lemon juice, and egg white. All in all, we're giving major culinary kudos to this 'catessen, and suggest you make a mad dash Downtown before all the foodie cool kids come a runnin'!
UMAMIcatessen, 852 South Broadway (At East 9th Street); 323-782-8201.

Photos: Courtesy of A Dog And A Duck