There’s A New Marilyn In Town: Uma Thurman Takes On The Bombshell

Michelle Williams, Lindsay Lohan, and even Mariah Carey (in the music video for “I Still Believe”)...this is just a shortlist of some of the famous ladies who’ve tried to inhabit Marilyn Monroe’s famous persona. But there are many, many others. In fact, NBC’s new hit show Smash is entirely centered around two stage actresses (played by Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty) vying for the chance to shimmy and shake their way to Broadway fame as the sexpot.
But they’re both about to be upstaged by an A-list lady who’s guest starring for a 5-episode arc. None other than kick-ass Kill Bill babe Uma Thurman is the latest lady to sport the late great bombshell’s platinum mane and perfect pout on primetime TV. It might not seem like the likeliest fit at first, but one look at Uma vamping it up in these newly released pics squashes any doubt.
The actress looks positively radiant on stage (she was pregnant during production — hard to believe, right?), and we can’t wait to hear her sing “Dig Deep,” a song that was penned specifically for her. Tune in next Monday to see it all go down, and then keep watching: A can’t-miss cover of the original blonde bombshell’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” is scheduled to air on the show in the near future, too.

Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter