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This High-Tech Running Shoe Could Make Your Workout Easier

few years ago, barefoot running was all the rage, but now, sneakers are back —
and they’re more high-tech than ever. Recently, Nike introduced its LunarTempo
, which retails for
$110 and is specifically designed for long-distance, high-speed training runs. The
latest addition is the Adidas Ultra BOOST,
a super-advanced sneaker that could be a running game changer (and is worth the
$180 price tag).

best running shoes offer cushioning while also being springy enough to help
propel you forward (sneaker makers call this “energy return”). Adidas’s BOOST
technology, first introduced in 2013, is basically capsules made of highly
elastic, thermoplastic urethane. Each midsole in the new Ultra BOOST sneakers
has 3,000 of these capsules, which gives you more energy return than any other
shoe on the market, says Mikal Peveto, the company’s senior director of Futures

gave these babies a test run (pun intended), and the difference was immediately
noticeable. For starters, the shoes are incredibly light. During your workout,
you sort of feel like you’re running on a bouncy, but supportive, cloud. Another
cool feature: The shoe has a flexible upper to accommodate the natural foot
swelling that can happen during a run (Adidas researchers discovered the foot
can expand by 10mm or more in width while you work out).

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