We Tame 4 Unwearable Closet Monsters

Forget the bogeyman — on the scale of zero to scary, he rates at about a "meh" when you consider what else is lurking in your closet. The true monsters are those things that leer at you every time you open the door, bearing down on you with the guilt of years of neglect and money gone to waste. Those optimistically purchased but regretfully ignored items are the real closet bad guys, and we're going to get rid of them once and for all.
But, destroying these baddies doesn't necessarily mean tossing them out. For the four staffers in our story, their unworns have too much history to simply be chucked. With a change in perspective and some clever styling tips, we've taken the teeth out of these pieces and helped them (literally) step out into the light of day. After you've seen our exorcisms ahead, leave a comment naming your personal closet monsters — our sartorial Van Helsings are on hand to take a stab.

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