Can’t Decide On A Lipstick Shade? With This Edgy Hack, You Don’t Have To

modeled by Julian Wan.
We're desperately resisting the urge to make an obvious "naughty or nice" quip here, but this badass two-tone lipstick hack truly gives the best of a daring dark pucker and a bright red color pop combined (and it makes for an unforgettable statement look). Why choose light or dark tones when you could have both? Watch the video above for the whole technique, and try it yourself using the crazy-easy steps below.
Step 1. Apply a black matte lipstick on one side of your mouth using a brush.
Step 2. Apply a red matte lipstick on the other side.
Step 3. Starting with the top lip, blend the red in small strokes over to the black side. Do the opposite on the bottom lip.

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