Twitter Troll: Tavi's Topper Troubles, Pierry Hardy For Gap Sandals, And A Windy City

Grazia_Live: " - Armani Prive front row" In the Prom that is Couture Week, can we name Tina Turner Queen?
Grazia_Live: "Larry, 9 year old son of Rob Wyatt also here and shooting. At this rate I am the grandmother of the front row" First, Grazia is up-seated by hat-donning, teen-blogger Tavi (as evidenced here). Then watching 9-year-olds photographing. Perhaps babysitting duties is next on the roster?
racked: "Pierre Hardy's spring Gap shoes, revealed:" We likey the denim ones!
cutblog: "John Galliano presents equestrian-inspired spring 2010 Dior Couture show" Gorgey gorgey, though we're growing a littler bored-sy of the New Look thing.
AggyDeyn: "I need a wii!!!!!" A statement better written down than leaked aloud.
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