Twitter Troll: Pop Chips, DIY McQueen, And Multi-Tasking Models

bryanboy: " - Forgive me father for my sins. My figure says no but my heart said go!!" We can sympathize. We have been eating those chips nonstop for the past five days.
valetmag: Valet. Concierge: Is tucking your tie into your pants a "thing"?" We sure hope not. Isn't that like wearing a piece of toilet paper around your neck?
selectism: "Alexander McQueen Paint Splattered Blucher Shoes" This just begs for a DIY.
pitchforkmedia: "The White Stripes: The Ballet!" We hope the "Blue Orchid" portion pays homage to the original video by featuring Karen Elson teetering in proto-armadillo heels.
Modelinia: "Before Doutzen Kroes became a model, she was a speed skater. Modelinia chats with her about her records&the Olympics--" Model-slash-speed skaters, actor-slash-designers, 8th graders-slash-fashion bloggers. We are feeling like underachievers next to all this multi-taskers.
Jess_Stam: " 'It's a catastrophe if things don't go my way!' FALSE" We are so adopting this can-do attitude for fashion week. Thanks, Stam!
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