Twitter Troll: Pink Granny Pants, Nano-Tech Makeup, And The View From Chanel

Grazia_Live: "The Chanel couture set. Does this mean the collection is fierce?" Or it's lion-hearted? Or perhaps it means that it has balls?
darcie_517: "It's really hard to call in jewelry samples and turn off that internal 'i want' switch..." Try working out at fashion blog, we want almost everything we write about (and we write about a lot)!
samantharonson: "Every day I wake up and thank G-d that @conanobrien is on twitter. Then i go back to sleep." A productive morning, if we've ever heard of one.
styledotcom: "Blake Lively thinks pink! Do you like her wide-legged look?" We think she should put on some orthopedic shoes before she falls and breaks a hip.
TheBeautyCloset: "Thanks to @Wikipedia, I now know that @LOrealParisUSA is the top nano-technology patent holder in the US. I feel smarter already." We're imagining tiny microscopic robots teaming together to apply our mascaras. Terrifying!

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