Twitter Troll: National Wear Red Day, Dazed's Camping Experience, And An Avatar Alternative

COACD: " - cutest model couple alert! @Ra_hel at supreme & Stas at DNA" We're celebrating National Wear Red Day by posting this Twitpic.
AggyDeyn: "Just saw a a group of 20 3yr olds crossing the street in a line of 2's all holding a rope making quacking sounds!" This scene would be ten times more wonderul if it was a group of quacking models marching two-by-two.
derekblasberg: "Now I'm for sure not seeing #Avatar. I'm with a girlfriend who saw it yesterday in 3D and threw up. Now I'm worried someone will vomit on me" Just watch Ferngully and look at photos from Gaultier's couture show. You'll be able to achieve a similar but less nausea-inducing effect.
THEMISSHAPES: "love a good piano dance break" We're envisioning this with Leigh tap dancing on top of a grand piano a la Blossom, and Geordan and Greg as Joey and Anthony Russo.
DazedMagazine: " 'Imagine Three 6 Mafia playing 808s and flutes on a starry night around a campfire...' - Dazed has a chat with BFlecha:" That sounds like the solution that our boyfriend has been searching for to finally get us to go camping. Just bring some 808s along with the hiking boots and Therm-a-Rests!
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