Twitter Troll: Moon Boots, Bread Shoes, and Gas Station Wine

SHOWstudio: " - An understated little something from Chris Kane!" This is about as understated as Liberace at a disco.
Fashionista_com: "Can you handle a Moon Boot revival?" If it means that the Ugg revival will go DIAF, then yes. Wait, no. Which is the least of two evils?
bryanboy: "UGH. FARMVILLE IS THE NU CRACK." Then Facebook is the new hustla.
calvinharris: "WOAH! WOAH. I just got sent this link to buy BREAD SHOES! thanks @ultraculture !" Do people who own these shoes go to a dough-diatrists? (Terrible joke, we know.)
acontinuouslean: "7-11 is gonna be sellin' wine. Noice." We hear that a piquant rosé goes well with peanut M&Ms.
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