Twitter Troll: Gareth at Work, Fashion Football, and Can You Quit Shopping For a Year?

henryholland: " Just miles out at sea in a chippendales vest. NALGO." Not a lot going on? That shirt and your smize beg to differ.
ComfortablySmug "Who all is going to be in NYC for Thanksgiving and has neglected to make plans? Planning a football game in central park all are welcome." There's nothing like tackling each other over an oblong ball in public to put a little gratitude in your attitude.
SHOWstudio " - Gareth lays out the next part of his masterpiece!" 20 guesses on what it's going to be. We'll start: A table runner.
daisylowe "getting my entire body painted while eating a snickers while tweeting. priceless." Multi-tasking at it's finest.
cutblog "No need to brave the tourist-clogged streets this year - we'll have all the NYC holiday windows in our slideshow!" Enjoy with a lukewarm Pumpkin Spice Starbucks and a friend who constantly has to pee, and it'll be exactly like the real thing.
glamourdotcom: "Could you go a whole year without buying new clothes? These women are..." Quick answer: No. Longer answer: Maybe, but what are the rules on becoming best friends with a designer with a penchant for gifting?

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