Twitter Troll: Hermès' Balloon Invite, The Legging's Demise, And The Unfortunately Named iPad

SurfaceMag:"Hermès loves balloons, and so do we: #fb" Not since our trip to Epcot Center at age 4 have we wanted a mylar balloon so badly. Gimme!
FugGirls: "Someone just found GFY by searching, 'ARE LEGGINGS OVER?'" And we got traffic from people searching "sigourney weaver underwear." Gotta love The Google.
Steven Rojas: "Yo, let me get that Turkey Booty "Today's special or just a horny deli guy?
highsnobiety: "Apple iPad - A Detailed Look" They had to know the name would launch a thousand jokes...
iamamayzing: "Apple I-pad for ladies!" Yup, there it is. Too easy.
LHearst: "Nothing like getting up early and doing a little @davidkirsch cardio with super juice then fixing a bite and taking a steam to start the day. " Well, that sounds like a nice morning routine, but we'd rather battle our snooze button. Thanks.

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