True Story: This NYC Student Lives In A $88 Million Dorm Room

Remember when mom and dad took you shopping for your brand spankin' new bed in a bag and you constructed a makeshift armoire made of straight-up Tupperware. Yeah, this college story is nothing like that.
Ekaterina Rybolovleva is the 22-year-old resident of 15 Central Park West, occupying the penthouse apartment and presumably one of the four bedrooms in the $88 million property. To Ekaterina, the 6,700-square-foot penthouse (the city's most expensive piece of real estate) is her dorm room. We suspect that the Russian fertilizer heiress is not having the same co-ed living experience we did — including that surprise third roommate. While we don't know which Big Apple university Ekaterina is attending, we do hear she's made some sweet styling choices by adorning her walls with framed albums and using clothes pins to hang polaroid pics of her and her pals. Don't get us wrong, we're not hating on her hooked-up living situation. On the contrary. Hey, Kat when are we getting the invite to your housewarming bash? We'll bring the Bud. (Vanity Fair)

Photo: Via Wikimedia