Learn The Triple-Layer Technique For A Cute Styling Trick

A sweater goes over a shirt, and your shirt gets tucked into your bottoms. Nothing complicated here, right? Sure, but we've noticed that there are plenty of cool girls who've mastered a sort of length-mixing thing to achieve a layering look that's very modern, really clean and fresh-feeling, and, most important, very easy to pull off.
It's about creating three distinct blocks of color or texture with your layers. Your cropped top is the first block that you wear on top of a longer layer, and that's block number two! Your longest length constitutes the third. Mix and match a sweater with a shirtdress with a pair of leggings, or a sweatshirt over a peplum top and a skirt, or go rogue and layer three dresses over each other to create three distinct segments of fabric. For truly advanced layering, feel free to toss on an open-front jacket or vest to add even more dimension. Want to see it in action? Click through to see six women who've mastered the triple-layer technique, and then try it out for yourself.

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