A Photo App For Fashion Fanatics Only? Prepare To Get Obsessed With Trendabl

Don't lie — the last time you checked Instagram, Snapchat, or Vine was, what, five seconds ago? The last thing you and your productivity might need is another photo app, but when something truly useful (and addictive) pops up, you know you'll somehow find that extra five minutes a day.
Our newest download? Trendabl, a fashion-specific app that not only lets you take those gorgeous, filtered #ootd and #wiwt photos and share them, but also allows you to tag products, search based on color, item, and brand, which means that if you want to see how anyone else is wearing those coral Bermuda shorts before you take 'em for a spin, don't have a clue what to wear out tonight, or are just hankering for some good ol' Louboutin scroll-throughs, Trendabl's got your back.
Additionally, the community is just as fashion-obsessed as you. No more weird aunts asking you why you're taking a picture of your feet — at Trendabl, everyone here just gets it. Need someone to follow? Check us out first at @refinery29!

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