Trend Alert: Steampunk-Chic Geeks Out As the Next Big Thing

There's no use pretending that the staff here at Refinery29 isn't just a bunch of closeted nerds. Hell, some of us have exited the closet and are roaming the streets with our geek flags flying—so we feel like it's our duty to herald all good dorktastic trends in the making. Enter, steampunk—the style of fantastical dress and culture as portrayed in movies like The City of Lost Children and comic books like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Half-Victorian romance, half-brassy gadgetry, steampunk is a sci-fi niche that seems to be having its little fashion moment in the sun. Lanvin recently paired giant metal jewelry with sleek black pieces for an unexpectedly tough feel and the weathered time-traveler look is one of Jane from Sea of Shoes' favorites. Whether it's a pair of metal-plated pumps or a floaty white dress, we're begging you to go get yourself (steam)punk'd.
Above from left: Movie poster from The City of Lost Children; Lanvin look from fall '09
Above from left: Jane from Sea of Shoes; J HIlton pendant, $25, available at JLH Jewelry; Phi pump, $1295, available at 212DressingRoom; Pocket watch necklace, $28, available at Urban Outfitters
Above, clock from left: Lanvin necklace, $1247, available at LuisaViaRoma; Proenza Schouler round sunglasses, $310, available at Shopbop; Sade tunic dress, $106, available at Shopbop; Justin Roper two-tone boots, $118, available at NastyGal Vintage