Hero Worship—New Mag Captures the Super Boys of Tomorrow

Okay, maybe we spend a little too much time on the It Girls. Well, right now it's time to hear it for the It Boys. The newest contender in the male youth magazine market is HERO, a glossy from across the pond that, along with Electric Youth!, proves that undiscovered talent of the male variety can be as provocative as any collection of young filles. Featuring an irresistible mix of fashion shoots—including a steamy spread with Cavalli model (and owner of a very fine six pack) Ryan Koning and sweetheart Nicolas who could pass as Agyness Deyn's younger brother—HERO is the like your best friend's cute kid brother (and we all know what that's like). Published twice a year, the issue's chock full of the next fresh crop of gonna-be-huge superheroes without capes or leotards. At least, not yet anyway.

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