The Dos & Don’ts Of Travel Style

'Tis the season for spending time with your friends and family. But, if they (or you!) have the nasty habit of residing far away, it's also the season to build up your frequent flier miles. Whether your in-flight strategy involves achieving maximum coziness or somehow managing to wear all the stuff that didn't fit into your suitcase, your travel outfit should at the very least fulfill two basic principles. One: It should be comfortable enough that you don't lose circulation or break out in hives after sitting for a few hours. Two: It should give an awesome first impression when you land — after all, it's the first outfit you're starting your vacation in (and do you want to start that with something you wouldn't let the Seamless delivery guy see you in?).
When it comes down to it, celebrities are simply the best at flying stylishly. The amount of miles each has racked up would strike fear into the souls of most casual fliers, and they've got a team of stylists regularly advising them about all things fashion. The result? They've got their travel looks down, and we turned to 40 recent examples of chic airplane outfits to compile our own dos and don'ts list that will help you meet principles one and two above. So, you can do what you do best during vacation: relax.

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