10 Travel Face Masks That Won't Scare The Other Passengers

Traveling can be a real pain in the ass — and we're not just talking about the literal discomfort from those stiff plastic seats that don't recline. There's also the long security lines, the almost-guaranteed delays, and the dreaded dry skin from all that recirculated cabin air. So when in-flight masking became a trend, I was thrilled to have one less thing to complain about on Twitter, not to mention glowing, smooth skin when I arrived at my destination.
While many celebrities have blissfully documented themselves applying sheet masks while flying private, I've still experienced some judgmental stares from the strangers back in economy class. Luckily, if you're not up for the gawking or want to sleep without smearing your neck pillow, there are transparent mask options for more peaceful pampering.
Ahead are 10 hydrating face masks that will blend right into your skin and keep your spa-like experience discreet. Bonus: They're all TSA carry-on approved.

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