Don’t Call It A Workout

Photographed by Cecilie Harris.
A burpee is a burpee. Calling it a "squat thrust" or a "squat with a jump-back" is using a euphemism that doesn’t mask the torture. But, there are plenty of fitness activities that are just as much fun as they are beneficial to your health.
Hula-hooping is one way to disguise a cardio and core routine, and dance-cardio classes market themselves as more of a party than a workout. Or, you can take an exercise cue from Emmy Rossum, who posted a trampoline move on her Instagram account (see below).
Trampoline workouts are making a comeback, with classes popping up at NYC's Bari Studio, JumpLife, and at Crunch Gym's nationwide rebounding classes. Trampolining is tough, but it's a great low-impact option. Classes also tend to include strengthening exercises such as push-ups and planks (with your hands on the equipment), so you're not stuck doing 45 minutes of straight-up bouncing.
And, according to a recent study, thinking of working out as something cool and entertaining — you know, not necessarily exercise — can help you snack less. Sure, framing fitness as fun is basically one big mind game. It may take a little practice, and perhaps the trick will never work on a set of Tabata burpees. But, we have hope for trampolining. So, come bounce with us!

Saturday morning tramp workout with @doriegolkin. Thanks for making us sweat @sharonamoves!

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