Recreate This Trainer-Approved Workout At Home

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You may have heard the term “Tabata” tossed around at the gym. Or, maybe you spotted it on the group-fitness schedule. While you might be familiar with this high-intensity workout, here’s a quick refresher course.
The Tabata training protocol is quick, intense, and effective. It involves completing a 20-second burst of intense activity, immediately followed by a 10-second rest. Then, you repeat that 30-second set for a total of eight rounds — see a second-by-second breakdown below.
0:00-0:20: Work at an intense effort
0:20-0:30: Recover
0:30-0:50: Work at an intense effort
0:50-1:00: Recover
1:00-1:20: Work at an intense effort
1:20-1:30: Recover
1:30-1:50: Work at an intense effort
1:50-2:00: Recover
2:00-2:20: Work at an intense effort
2:20-2:30: Recover
2:30-2:50: Work at an intense effort
2:50-3:00: Recover
3:00-3:20: Work at an intense effort
3:20-3:30: Recover
3:30-3:50: Work at an intense effort
3:50-4:00: DONE!
Trainers use the protocol in a variety of ways that you can easily adapt yourself: Try doing Tabata sprints on a stationary bike, repeating a single exercise (like a plank or squat) for all eight rounds, or turning it into a mini circuit by alternating between two exercises, such as squat jumps and push-ups. During the periods of work, you want to give it an all-out effort (aim for breathlessness each time). So, if you're new to working out, start slow with basic exercises. Then, work towards increasing your speed and incorporating plyometric (jumping) movements.
Just think: Justin and Madonna saved the world in four minutes; all you have to do is sweat for that long.

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