Tongue and Groove: 9 Vintage Belt Buckles From Ebay

We all know that very obvious but socially non-existent place on a person's body that your eyes have a difficult time avoiding. No, not those, dummy. We're talking about the waist. Cowboys figured they should make your business downtown even harder to evade by strategically placing a giant piece of shiny metal just above it (no wonder those boys got so many ladies). So, senoritas and caballeros, if you feel like drawing attention to "yourself," here's some vintage belt buckles that are cheap, easy, and a chic way to do it.
Above, clockwise from left:
A nice take on a classic style, this Alaska buckle is so cool, it's frosty.
The detailing on this native chief's face is so large and sharp, that it's kind of creepy. Then again, it's also completely amazing.
Woot! Woot! This round avian piece from the 60s is a hoot.
These floral bursts are perfect for pairing with those ever-popular boho maxi dresses.
Above, clockwise from left:

This throwback
to 70s sand-painting style makes us pine for the beach and some Genesee Cream Ale.
A simple Gucci logo that will go with pretty much anything—classics like these don't require words.
A rare laminate green bakelite buckle, this clasp for the ladies is all wrapped up and ready to go.
Brass. Turquoise. Engraving. This baby's got it all.