Worst News Ever: The Shake Shack Is Now Posting Calorie Counts

Well, now our day officially sucks. New York Magazine revealed that our favorite warm-weather food indulgence, Shake Shack, is now posting the calorie count of all their its-so-good-it-hurts offerings online. We already knew that every single thing on their menu leads to an inevitable Dancing With The Stars scenario (you know, the home of hefty "celebs" looking to shed some pounds and land an Us Weekly cover), but did we really need to find out just how anti-beach body that milkshake is? While chains in NYC like McDonalds and Chipolte are legally required to share their nutritional info, (which has led to a whole lot less Big Macs, trust), Danny Meyer's "roadside burger stand," having less than 15 locations (that includes the Miami and Dubai ones, too), is under no such compunction. Which begs the question: Who in the hell came up with this idea? We've already spent the past 10 minutes adding up the numbers, and if we really want to turn heads in Montauk come summer, the only thing a dietician would let us eat is the 20 calorie cone. Listen, there's no way on earth we would stop our weekend pilgrimages—line or no line—but to reiterate, this is as ridiculous as finding out that Charlie Sheen has been sober for the past three months. For example, that Double Cheeseburger rings up at 770 calories, the Peanut Butter shake isn't messing around with 870 big ones, and regular fries contain 470 calories. But who's counting? Oh wait.

Image via Gourmet.