Dine Like Titanic’s First Class, Without The Tragic End

One hundred years after the Titanic took its first and last voyage, we are still fascinated by the fatal tale — with the help of James Cameron, of course. In honor of the anniversary, here's an unexpected commemoration — one local restaurant has chosen to celebrating the memory of the ship with food. Brooklyn's Prime Meats will be recreating the meal (possibly, the last meal?) that was prepared for the first-class passengers aboard the Titanic and serving it at a "black-tie preferred" event on April 17.
For one special night, NYers can dine on an extensive menu that includes oysters, consomme, filet mignon, carpaccio with arugula, shaved artichoke, truffle, lamb with mint sauce, roast squab, pate de foie gras with celery, and Waldorf pudding, as well as other gourmet dishes. While, we admit, the entire meal has a tragic undertone, perhaps it might raise your spirits to follow up your dinner with a bottom-level-style celebration à la Jack and Rose's infamous dance party. Unless you actually see the 3D adaptation of the movie, this may be the closest you can get to the Titanic experience. Frankly, that's close enough for us. (Fox News)

Let us know below: Is this historic-style meal awesome, over-the-top, or perhaps a little insensitive?


Photo: Via All Movie Photo