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Our Legacy gives gentlemanly basics a bespoke twist. By Naomi Nevitt
"The feel of our garments should be the same feeling you get when you put on that favorite shirt you inherited from your grandfather," says Jockum Hallin, one half of the Stockholm-based menswear label Our Legacy. Unlike many of their trend-conscious peers who are in what Hallin calls the "spandex-jeans-race," Our Legacy is taking an understated approach to fashion, crafting well-made basics with staying power and a dash of wit.
Founded in 2005, Hallin first launched Our Legacy along with partner and childhood friend Cristopher Nying as a line of illustrated T-shirts, merging the duo's graphic design roots with their long-held fashion obsession. Now, in their sixth collection, the label will launch their first full ready-to-wear line this season. Yet, the duo haven't abandoned their art background, producing signature collaborative design objects, such as limited-edition specially designed track bikes and splatter painted umbrellas--accessories for the modern day gentleman-along with their range of bespoke basics.
The spring line titled "The Swing of the Pendulum," was crafted as the wardrobe for an imaginary character named Sean de Germand that Hallin and Nying dreamed up and subsequently plan to write a book about. An AWOL Oxford school-boy, Germand ran away to Paris to immerse himself in the art scene, and Hallin and Nying based their collection around his would-be traditional wardrobe--tartan button-downs, cotton suiting, and love-worn chinos. This fall, the duo plan to continue their character's art-world foray, dabbling more heavily in '40s-inspired suiting, including three-button wool jackets and pleated wool-cashmere pants.
"People In Stockholm are sort of anxious about not being hip," says Hallin. "We try to step away from that and create collections that are timeless and classic. Those looking for avant-garde design might find us a bit boring, but I guess you can't please everyone."
For more information and availability, see www.ourlegacy.se.
Our Legacy gives gentlemanly basics a bespoke twist.

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