Turn The Pedi JETS On: Tim Tebow Gets His Toes Done!

While we're still undecided on the whole man-icure & pedicure scenario, it seems as if the undoubtedly macho Tim Tebow feels great about them: He was spotted last week getting a pedi. But before you start picturing the recently christened New York Jet getting all zen with a candlelit rose-petal spa treatment (it's a nice image, isn't it?), hear this — he's not the only one. More athletes are making appointments at their local salons on the reg, but they're called "sports pedicures," meaning no polish on top. (Bummer...we think OPI "I'm Really A Waitress" would be great on the Tebow.) According to Dr. Howard Osterman, the team podiatrist for the Washington Wizards, "it's as much medical as it is cosmetic." We'll be using that as our excuse for hitting up the spa from now on. Who knew we had so much in common with a quarterback? (BeautyHigh)
Image Via: BeautyHigh

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