5 Things to Know This AM — Mar 22 2012

New York's newest eligible millionaire/sports bachelor (maybe) is also a virgin. (ESPN)
We guess they're on break from sexy-ing up the Upper East side, because Don Draper and Mad Men inc. opened the NYSE on Wall Street yesterday. (Huffpo)
Anna Wintour is not always about black-is-the-new-black — she put her hand in the political-fundraising game on Monday to re-elect NY Senator Dem Kirsten Gillibrand. (WWD)
Ashley Olsen and Johnny Depp had some snuggle-time at her loft a few weeks back. Don't know how we feel about this... (Jezebel)
Last summer's free Philharmonic shows were cancelled, but this year, they're back! Six concerts are happening July with two in Central Park! Can't wait for the picnic baskets and pick-up lines. (NewYorkology)
Photo via: Huffpo

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