How To "Fix" A Skirt That's A Weird, Unflattering Length

If we all got the items we've always wanted to get tailored actually tailored, our closets would look completely different. The hardest part of getting an item shortened, let out, or cleaned up is actually getting your tush out the door to make it happen. So, in order to rescue one item from your "Need To Tailor" pile, right here and now, we've figured out a way to give too-long dresses and skirts a little fancifying.

There are certain skirts that just hit you at an awkward place, whether it's right at your ankles or at the largest part of your calves. Instead of shortening the hemline, you could just turn it into a mermaid skirt with a quick tie. Short in the front and longer in the back, it's a simple fix that looks professional. Here's how to make it happen.

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