This Tribute To A Young Artist’s Life Is The One Art Show You Need To See

Alright, we're a little verklempt over this one, so bear with us. Although it's often a joyous occasion when a gallery celebrates an artist's life works, this special exhibition put together by famed gallerist Leo Koenig and his wife Maggie Clinton comes with a mixture of celebration and great sadness. The featured artist is 21-year-old Michelle MacNaught, who found out only a year ago that she has Stage IV ovarian cancer and is currently in hospice, losing her life to the disease. Her grim diagnosis, however, hasn't stopped her from producing hauntingly beautiful woodblock prints, etchings, and drawings, all of which illuminate her treatment and struggle with the illness. Michelle notes that continuing to create art "not only helps me sort out and 'heal' certain things that I am struggling with, it also becomes a channel for me to explain to others how I am handling the situation." In addition to highlighting the artist's life and works, the event will also be used as an opportunity to help others struggling with the same disease.
All of Michelle's artwork will be available for purchase at the event, with 50% of the proceeds going to benefit the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for ovarian cancer. In addition, 100% of the proceeds from a book of her art, put together by fashion photographer Tom Munro and designer Pascal Dangin, will benefit the charity as well. The show kicks off with an opening reception on Tuesday, November 15, which we hope Michelle will be well enough to attend. Trust us, this is one event you can't pass up—go and learn about Michelle's message, and pass it on.

When: Tuesday, November 15 to Thursday, November 17.

Where: Leo Koenig Inc. Projekte, 541 West 23rd Street (between 10th and 11th avenues); 212 334 9255.

Photo: Courtesy of Lesa Wright McHale