Beth & Randall Are Headed For A "Break" On This Is Us

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Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) may get all the love on This Is Us, but it's the marriage between Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that has us declaring #CoupleGoals. However, some This Is Us drama threatens to change all that, because just as a slow cooker ripped beloved patriarch Jack from this world, This Is Us refuses to let us keep nice things for very long.
At a panel pegged to the season 3 premiere of This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown shared some disturbing news about the fate of Randall's relationship with Beth. Per TVLine, the Emmy winner hinted that it would be a bumpy road ahead for the parents.
"There’ll be some difficulty between them regarding their marriage. Randall makes some choices that his wife supports but not necessarily endorses, with regard to a career opportunity,” Brown said, per the outlet. "Being the dutiful person she is, she finds herself not being able to anymore, and there’s a bit of a break in the union we’re accustomed to seeing."
This wouldn't be the first time that Beth and Randall dealt with an issue like this. Remember when Randall was like, "I'm going to buy this apartment building?" Beth was clearly not thrilled about the development, but was as much of a trooper as one could be. Then there was Randall's inability to deal with Beth letting loose at Kate's bachelorette party, leading to their blowout fight in Las Vegas. Randall may mean well, but when it comes to considering his wife's emotions, well... he could do much, much better.
Which, by the way, does not mean that I want these two to breakup in any capacity. For all the problems that Randall and Beth have, they do try to work it out by actually listening to what the other person is saying. Television isn't exactly known for its portrayal of particularly happy couples, so this is quite the feat: For every Coach and Tami Taylor, there's at least two TV pairings like Frank and Claire Underwood. Randall and Beth have managed to keep their romance alive in the face of seriously trying circumstances, and I really hope that whatever this "break" means, it doesn't break them.
Fortunately, it sounds like it won't — at least, according to Brown.
"This is a marriage that works, so they will come back together," the actor said.
Just don't be surprised if This Is Us pulls the rug out from underneath us and does something crazy like kill Randall just after an epic reunion with his wife. Stay alert, fans: This is one show that is always ready to make you cry.
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