This Collection Includes A Complete Portable Home

There are a million things we love—no, adore about New York. There's also a lot of things we have a love-hate relationship with, the first probably being the lack of space anywhere and everywhere you go. And while most city dwellers have taken refuge on their rooftops for a little (questionably) fresh air, designer Thomas Stevenson noticed that few people were using these spaces to their fullest potential. Enter Bivouac New York, a portable rooftop campsite he created that consists of five lean-to tents, a canteen, kitchen, and a library, where residents can go to get away from it all while still living in the middle of it all. The campsites have no wifi or electricity, and participants are expected to (otherwise) go about their daily lives, returning to base to recharge in a more organic setting than usual. Although the project has just wrapped up its stretch here in New York and will be traveling to a new city soon, we're totally in love with this idea and hope to see more tents popping up on rooftops around town—just don't forget to invite us to your next campout (we'll bring the whiskey)! (PSFK)
Photo: Via PSFK.

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