There’s A Ryan Gosling Pancake And We Want To Eat It

It's been about five weeks since we updated you on Ryan Gosling (his whereabouts, his style, his facial-hair status), so it's with great excitement that we surface an edible homage to our favorite local hero. After constructing a perfectly delicious breakfast treat of Justin Bieber, Chicago-based artist, Katherine Kalnes has cooked one up in the likeness of Ry-Gos, too. And let us assure you, this isn't one of those, "Don't you see it... It's Jesus' face!" type of deals, it's a bearded, blue-eyed, pursed-lipped pancake, chock-full of batter, frosting, peanut-butter, and raisins. We don't mean to be gluttonous, but with something that looks (and tastes!) this good, we'll take a short-stack. (Omg Yahoo)