7 Plastic Surgeries We Never Knew Existed

When it comes to getting some "work done," we don't necessarily judge. Kim Kardashian can get all the butt implants she wants (or not, since she recently x-rayed her booty to prove she's implant-free). But truth be told, some options are beginning to make going under the knife seem more crazy than cosmetic—Dracula facelift anyone? Naturally, once we discovered one out-there procedure, we had to assemble a few more that go beyond the typical nips, tucks, and augmentations. In other words, cosmetic treatments gone weird!
Ever dream of transplanting a little unwanted fat from your hips and thighs and using it for a non-implant boob job? These two new, minimally-invasive procedures are for you. It's basically the cosmetic equivalent of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. First, there's Aqualipo: An advanced form of liposuction that flushes out fat cells with pulses of saline, but without causing harm to the cells themselves (check out the video below). The procedure is quick, can be done under local anesthesia, and warrants a speedier recovery compared to prior methods, earning it the nickname "lunchtime lipo." Another option is NaturalFill, the procedure that transports your unwanted fat cells to areas of the body that could use some extra oomph—like breast augmentation, unwanted lines in the face, hand rejuvenation, and lip injections—with less risk for complications and results that are long-lasting. The butt area is up for grabs—some want more, some want less. The downside? While medical risks are less than for a traditional liposuction procedure or breast augmentation done under heavy anesthesia, there is still the chance of infection and complications associated with any surgical procedure.
We don't intend to single out the Real Housewives as the example of plastic surgery dos and don'ts, but they have opened our eyes to some of the latest in anti-aging cosmetic procedures. In this case, it was Jill Zarin and famed NYC dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Wexler. We all cringed when we tuned into Zarin being jabbed with needles around the perimeter of her face, as Dr. Wexler injected her with Restylane. The dermal filler increases in volume to pull the skin without a traditional facelift surgery, and smooth wrinkles, unlike Botox which fills lines. Don't just take Zarin's word for it—results are customized for each client's facial structure and shape. The downside? We don't know what hurts more; the pinches of the Restylane needle, or watching Zarin sing in agony as we witness the procedure on RHONY (check out the video below). In addition, like other filler options, a Liquid Facelift is a temporary fix that needs to be repeated approximately every six months.
We generally obsess over getting a little squishy around the midrif area, but getting a perfect belly button? Yep, there's a procedure for that. If think your belly button is less than ideal, get umbilicoplasty, where outties can become innies and a belly can once again become as cute as a button. Within 30 to 90 minutes, your belly button tissue is removed and/or reshaped and you've got a freshly redesigned tum-tum. The downside? A belly-button makeover runs the risk of infection, loss of tissue, numbness, and asymmetry.
Want to drop those pounds quick and with zero effort? Try freezing it away. The FDA-approved Zeltiq machine freezes your fat. Yes, freezes it. The non-invasive machine freezes fat cells in the desired area, causing them to crystallize, and be gradually and naturally expelled from the body (this is the flush part) over the course of the following several weeks. The procedure takes about an hour, is needle and anesthesia-free, and doesn't have any major recovery time. The downside? Zeltiq is not for people who need to lose fat for medical purposes. It is simply a cosmetic procedure.
In fantasy land, we'll get glamoured by Eric Northman any day. But actually having blood sucked out of our neck? Um, we'll happily keep that in TV-land. However, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy does exactly that, by extracting blood via the neckline and re-injecting it back into the body. The extracted blood is spun in order to separate platelet-rich cells. Then, in combination with a fractional pearl laser, your re-injected blood will work to build collagen and fill in wrinkles and gaps for a younger, firmer décolletage and face without any botox or artificial fillers. The downsides? For starters, the ick factor. In addition, the process can be painful, usually requires more than one procedure, and, due to slow collagen production, it may take months to see full results.
We're not naming names, but celebs with bad lip injections are extremely noticeable, just sayin'. As a fix, Beverly Hills Dr. Marc Mani created a procedure that may be a bit more invasive than your basic injections, but it promises to give completely natural-looking results. The permanent lip-pouting technique is a two-hour procedure that modifies the tissue of your lips from the inside out. Say goodbye to duck lips, you'll be left with one pretty kisser. The downside? In comparison, the lip pout procedure requires more surgical time and recovery time, but unlike with collagen, the results are permanent.

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