5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 03 2011

Keith Richards' daughter Theodora gets arrested in Soho, and we're taking bets on who the A in her "T (hearts) A" graffiti stands for. (NY Post)
Careful where you put those butter fingers. These unsanitary movie theaters earn a "G" for Gross rating. (Fox NY)
Freebie alert: A site that clues cash-strapped New Yorkers (that's pretty much 90% of the population) in to getting into those museums for free. (Huffington Post)
And in more freebie news, the Tribeca Film Festival opens on April 20 with a no-cost screening of Cameron Crowe's flick on Elton John. (NY Press)
They're as elusive as four leaf clovers, so if you get to try McDonald's mint Shamrock Shake, you're definitely in luck. (The Feast)

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