The Whitney’s Moving Downtown, Don Hill’s Will Be The New Beatrice, And A Champion Coke Smuggler

Urban Daddy's put together the ultimate Hamptons' cheat-sheet. Start packing (and saving) now! (Urban Daddy)
The Whitney Museum is moving downtown, for a cool $680 million. Looks like they'll be leasing their Madison Avenue space. (Gothamist)
Nur Khan (Rose Bar) and Paul Sevigny (Beatrice), aren't taking a breath after Kenmare. Supposedly their next project will be a renovation of Don Hill's. We're already planning our outfits. (NY Post)
This dumbass tried to smuggle 17 pounds of coke into the US in bags of Champion branded baking powder. If you're going to hide some cocaine, white powder is probably not your best bet. (Animal New York)
Sailors during Fleet Week aren't gonna have quite as much fun as they will last year (aka random sex, binge drinking). The military is making sure officers on the straight and narrow with a jammed packed itinerary including a trip to the Museum of Biblical Art. (Guest Of A Guest)