The Emergency Kit Every New Yorker Should Have

Here at the office, we've been clicking between our emails and The Huffington Post every five minutes, checking for updates on the shockingly tragic situation in Japan. Refinery29 friend Ralph Brescia, a Brooklyn writer, got us thinking about our own state of preparedness with an email detailing his "calamity bag," or essentials, in case of an NYC emergency. To help you put together your own kit, we've rounded up useful tips from the Metro New York Region's American Red Cross.
We talked with Michael de Vulpillieres, the Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Relations at American Red Cross Metro New York Region, who gave us a few pointers just in case.

We recommend people take three main steps to prepare:
-have supplies on hand
-have a plan and practice that plan with your family
-be informed

If you're home-bound, you are going to want to have certain supplies around for a few days—1 gallon per person per day, food that requires no preparation or cooking, a can opener, battery powered flashlights, and a disaster supplies kit." (see previous slide)
Know how to perform CPR and First Aid...these are all things people can do to empower them to better react in this situation.
Find out more about CPR training in NYC here.
You're also going to want to personalize this 'go bag' prescription info [with] photocopies of important documents, the ones you're going to need to have with you.
Know how the local authority will notify you during a disaster....[radio, tv] Know about your local organizations and schools and what their emergency plans are."
We suggest signing up with the New York City Office of Emergency Management here.
You want to have an emergency bag thats stocked with items in case you need to evacauate your's something thats going to bridge the gap between you leaving your home or office, and getting somewhere with food and shelter.

A suggested list, below:
Swiss army knife
Hand crank/solar powered am/fm/NOAA radio, flashlight, cell phone charger (usb port)
Work gloves
Phone cord
Toilet paper
4 granola bars
2 cliff bars
Trail mix
2 bottles of water
Worst Case Scenario Handbook
2 Sharpies
2 Pens
2 Small notebooks
Birth certificate
Social security card
Results from last physical
3 Theraflu packets
Nail clippers
10 Purell handwipes
External hard drive
AA Batteries
Bar soap